Aldetec Inc.

Aldetec offers a broad line of amplifier products covering the 10MHz to 26.5GHz frequency spectrum. The majority of our products incorporate thin film chip and wire processes and utilize the latest GaAs Fet and MMIC technology. Aldetec also offers integrated products to include components such as attenuators, filters, isolators, limiters, monitors, and alarms.

Customer Support

Aldetec’s experienced technical staff are available to support customer needs from specification, design/concept, analysis through product First Article approval. Our program management and engineering team is systematically structured to provide a personalized approach to supporting your system requirements through PDR, CDR, TRR and FAT.

Design & Analysis

Rf Cascade, Linear and Non-Linear Simulation, Component de-rating, Thermal analysis, Component derating, Mechanical 3D modeling, CTE analysis, Reliability, Radiation Hardness


In-House machining for all mechanical under stringent quality criteria including First Article validation. Quick response for engineering prototypes. Partnerships for substrate fabrication, custom carriers and PCB fabrication.

Hybrid Assembly

Eutectic Die attach, Thermal and Ultrasonic bonding, Electrode Gap Welding, Modular Construction

Test & Alignment

VNA’s , Synthesized Signal generators, Scalar Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Noise Figure Meters, Power Meters. Equipment Capabilities to 40GHz


Vibration, Hermetic Seal, PIND, Temperature Cycle, Thermal shock, Constant Acceleration, Burn-in, Steady State Life. Other mil-spec. screening requirements such as Humidity, Altitude and Salt fog are performed by local certified lab.